Motor Start Capacitors


BMI's type 091A and 092A AC Motor Start units are non-polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitors designed for intermittent AC duty. These capacitors

are used in starting fractional  horsepower, singlephase electric motors, as well as in gear motor applications. The capacitors are housed in rugged plastic cases, which require no added insulation. Optional metal case is available. Mounting hardware, end caps and brackets are available to facilitate mounting. Units can be supplied with bleeder resistors and lead wires if required.

Barker Microfarads Inc.

Motor Run Capacitors


BMI's type 800P and 810P AC Motor Run units are non-polarized oil-filled metallized polypropylene film capacitors designed for continuous AC applications. These capacitors are used in split phase motor, compressor, filter and other AC applications. The capacitors are housed

aluminum cases with steel covers. Different terminal configurations are available for various wiring options. Mounting hardware and brackets are available to facilitate mounting. Units can be supplied with bleeder resistors if required.

Mil-Spec Capacitors

M39018/01 CU13 & CUR13

M39018/02 CU14 & CU15

M39018/03 CU17& CUR17

M39018/07 CUR 19

Mini Radials

Ballast and General purpose -40 thru 125 C Capacitors. With optional 3rd Lead


Mini Axials

General purpose, crossover audio grade, and low ESR capacitors. Wide temperature ranges.

Tubular Axials

General purpose rugged construction, strobe designs available, low ESR, long life, wide temperature ranges. 4 leaded designs available. 

Tubular Radials

General purpose, long life and wide temperature ranges 3 leaded designs available.

Barker Microfarads (BMI) is a manufacturer of USA Made high quality, high reliability aluminum electrolytic capacitors. We currently offer a broad range of Axial- and Radial-leaded DC capacitors (in both miniature and tubular designs) as well as a full line of AC Motor Starting and AC Motor Run capacitors. BMI was formed in October of 1990 when a group of former Sprague Electric employees purchased the Sprague Electric miniature aluminum manufacturing facility in Hillsville, Virginia. All of our employees have a strong work ethic and commitment to provide the highest quality products that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. Our commitment to quality and reliability is demonstrated by our certification and registration to the ISO 9001 quality system.

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