RF/Microwave Connectors

Cristek's standard offering of SMP and SMPM connectors includes the full range of launch options. Its rapidly expanding SMA product line was designed initially for difficult environments and with an eye to minimizing variability during assembly to precision cable.

Micro-D Connectors

M83513, MOTs, Standard and High Density D-Subminiature Connectors - High reliability for military, avionics, space and industrial applications. MOTS and MIL-DTL-24308 style d-subminiature connectors are offered along with products compliant with

GSFC S311-P-4, P-10, JPL CS512091, ASTM E-595 and NASA-RP-1124

Nano Connectors

M32139, and MOTs Nanos. Saving space, weight and time is applicable to all industries -- military, space, medical, telecommunication, automotive and computer designers are all striving to pack more performance into less space.

Circular Connectors

Small circular connectors are ergonomically desirable for human interface. Ranges of coupling/decoupling choices are available depending on the application.  All cable connectors can be supplied with strain relief/EMI adapter backshells for customer cable termination and/or molding or alternatively, Cristek can fabricate a turnkey cable specifically engineering to meet your circular connector needs.


Filtered Connectors 

Cristek has applied its 15 years of niche experience in the detail oriented, short run, ultra-miniature world of Micro and Nano connectors to the development of its EMI Filter connector product line. We have augmented our technical team by adding industry experts in EMI Filter connector design and test as well as in the design of military cylindrical connectors. EMP, NEMP and LEMP surge protection is available on all basic connector styles. This is a particular area where Cristek's expertise in the area of ultra-density packaging provides additional value.

Micro Strip Connectors

If you need an ultra-miniature, rugged and affordable strip line connector, one of Cristek’s Micro Strip connectors will likely suit your application. These devices use the same contact system as our M83513 and MOTS product and will perform in accordance with all applicable military specs. Wire-to-wire, board-to-board and board-towire versions are available with many options.

Harness & Cable Assemblies

A cable harness is only as reliable as its weakest connection point and with over 25 years of connector design and manufacturing experience, Cristek knows connectors!

Cristek is there for you from concept through full scale production. Our range of applications experience in satellites, missiles, weapon systems, ground shelters, vehicles, medical devices, and many others, allows us to draw from a tight menu of best practices to yield cost effective designs and repeatable results. When you plug a Cristek assembly into your system it works first time, every time!

Box Builds

Twist Capsules

Cristek combines a quarter century of interconnect design with world class manufacturing experience to support its strategic aerospace and defense customers with box build and electro mechanical assembly. Cristek specializes in high density packages where complex wiring is integrated with electro mechanical and electronic components.


A niche breed of electro mechanical assembly is a called “twist capsule” or “twist cap.” We like to call them “harness assemblies on steroids” or a “cousin of the slip ring.” This unique construction is used when signals between and input and output must be rotatable in relation to each other and when a traditional cable wrap assembly or slip ring just won’t do.

Cristek Interconnects, Inc. is a genuine American success story...


Armed with little more than a fistful of credit cards, a $25,000 contract from Litton and a small loan from her first boss, 23-year-old Cristi Cristich founded Cristek in 1985 to serve the military and aerospace industries and their warfighters. Over 25 years later, Cristek boasts a diverse and experienced management team, over 100 employees and more than 56,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities in Southern California and New England.

Cristek Interconnect's extensive range of interconnect technologies and deep commitment to process discipline provide even the most demanding customers with rapid, seamless progression through concept, proof of design, proof of manufacture and full scale production.

Cristek leverages its vertical integration and engineering expertise to distinguish itself as a best-in-class cable, harness and complex electromechanical assembly manufacturer. Cristek is one of only a handful of interconnect suppliers with expertise in DC through 67 GHz RF frequency connector, cable and electromechanical design and assembly.


The Cristek Pedigree


2009 SBA Subcontractor of the Year. Region IX


AS9100 & ISO 9001 Certified; DNV-GL


Multiple Lean and Six Sigma Certification


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