Film, Aluminum Electrolytic, Mica Capacitors

AC/DC Film Polymer, Plastic, Power, MilSpec, Wrap & Fill

Electrolytic Screw Terminal, Radial, Axial, Wet Electrolyte, Solid Polymer.

Silvered, High Voltage, SMD, Radial, and Axial Micas

Solid Capacitors

Ceramics, Multi Layered HiQ, Power Hi-CV & Safety, HiQ-RF Caps, Trimmers, Air, Coaxial/Dielectric Resonators and Loads Tantalum Wet and Dry.


Power Inductors, Transformers, Ultra High Power Density Through hole and SMDs


EMI, RFI, EMC Filters and Protection, Position Sensors, Potentiometers, Optical Encoders, Hall Effect, Inductive Sensors, Slip Rings from 25mm - 1.5M, Motor Rotors and Staters, Sub Assembly Manufacturing and Precision Mechanics.



Exxelia Group was incorporated in 2009 when a group of companies specialized in the design and manufacture of high-tech components joined forces to pool their know-how. This collective strength has elevated our position in the competitive hierarchy.


Exxelia Group designs and manufactures innovative electronic and electromechanical solutions that offer high levels of performance and reliability.

For over 50 years, Exxelia Group has been focusing its business on the design and manufacture of innovative high-tech solutions: capacitors, filters, precision mechanics, position sensor, slip rings, and magnetic wound components.

Serving the Aeronautics, Space, Defense, Rail, Medical, Manufacturing, Oil/Gas, Telecommunication Industries. 

Exxelia – USA

1221 N. Highway 17-92, Longwood, FL 32750

+1 (407) 695-6562

81 Rhoads Center Dr.

Dayton, OH. 45458

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