Lavi Systems, Inc, offers customized switching solutions for your unique cockpit applications. Our rotary switches were designed and manufactured with the latest production techniques, machinery, and tooling available. Qualified under MIL-DTL-3786/4 and /13.  Lavi switches incorporate design elements not previously possible with other switch manufacturers.

Our Jumpers are available in both crimped and stamped configurations. These products can be customized to meet your specification requirements.

Lavi Systems, Inc. has extensive experience in sustaining and reverse engineering to improve upon and reduce costs of existing designs. By doing so, we provide a cost-effective alternative to many sole-sourced products, thus reducing the overall sustainment costs of the aircraft program.

Examples of spare product include fuel probes and management components, cabin temperature sensors, cable assemblies, flight instrumentation, and panel-level assemblies such as the UH-60 Caution Advisory Panel, and F-16 Flight Control Panel. Our products have been featured on the following aircraft:

A-4, A-6, B-52, CH-47, C-130, C-141, F-4, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, F-111, KC-135, UH-1, UH-60.

Built from a foundation in military product ranging from DO to DX DPAS ratings, Lavi Systems has developed a robust and streamlined process for Build-to-Print product. Thus, reducing the timeline from purchase order to delivery. By utilizing a process approach, ensure all technical requirements are met by the time product reaches final acceptance. When it comes to your Build-to-Print requirements, Lavi Systems is your trusted one-stop supplier.


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SINCE 1988,

Lavi Systems, Inc. has been striving to be the most reliable supplier of aerospace equipment in Southern California. Located in Los Angeles, Lavi Systems focuses on one mission: to achieve the highest standards of total performance in quality and on-time delivery. Building on a foundation of military product, Lavi Systems has expanded into civil and commercial aviation by rapidly acquiring customers and displacing our competitors with superior product and customer service. Working with Lavi Systems, you can expect responsiveness, transparent product development, and expert engineering. By continually improving our quality system and processes, we consistently exceed our customer expectations. Whether we’re custom engineering a unique application or building-to-print, Lavi Systems, Inc. will be your trusted supplier.


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